Maria Montessori – From Childhood to Adolescence

In this work, Maria Montessori examines the educational concerns of the older child, the adolescence and even the mature university student. She considers each level and seeks the optimum method of facilitating growth. Dr. Montessori first analyses the characteristics and needs of children from 7 to 12 years old. It may be said that veritable metamorphoses takes place during this period and constitutes one of particular importance for moral education, the concept of justice and social adaptation; the passage to abstraction, the role of the imagination and ‘going out’, the key to culture. She also discusses the education of Adolescence, the ‘Erdkinder’, and the education at the University.

Are you willing to learn how to offer exceptional Montessori education to your children and/or students, based on autonomy, freedom within certain limits and positive discipline?